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For a small number of persons passing through (hinged door/semi-automatic)

  • In addition to basic functions, options can be added.
  • Approximately 800mm of opening space is required in front of the door.
  • Rate of persons passing through: 15-30 persons every 10 minutes.


Material of main bodyBoderized steel sheet 1.6t
CoatingBaking finished
Power of blowerAC200V 3Phase 0.75kW
Blowout nozzle16 nozzles (SUS304)
Wind speed 23~m/sec(design value)
Collection efficiencyColorimetry 90%
Operation controlDual optical axis sensor
Blows air when moving from the dirty side to the clean side.
There is no air blow when moving in reverse.
Air blow time is timer setting (0 to 60 seconds, variable)
Remarks: Specifications listed are subject to change without notice due to improvements.